The breath. It all begins with the breath. 

Strong breath centered Vinyasa and Yin instruction, delivered with a dash of humor and sarcasm.

and SUP yoga too!


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Different is good.

Rick RedBeard Yogi provides and alternative to the large gym yoga classes found on the island. Rick's classes tend to be a little slower paced to maintain a strong connection between the breath and the movements of the body. However, students will find that slow and flowing does not necessarily equate to “easy”, but rather that a personal, breath-centered practice builds a strong internal fire while fostering a greater sense of body awareness.

Rick strives to make his classes accessible and engaging to anyone and everyone. Classes focus on a gentle progression with attention to each students needs. Come to a class and see for yourself. 

 See the schedule for group classes, or contact Rick to inquire about private instruction. More information about classes and style is available on the classes page.

Bend. Breathe. Live. 


Classes Descriptions

More information about private and semi-private/small group classes, the studio, and outdoor offerings.

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SUP Yoga: A Guide for Teachers & Practitioners

A comprehensive guide for teaching and practicing yoga on the water. Everything you need to know from buying equipment, to giving appropriate verbal cues, and providing your students with a successful experience on the water.

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