Rick Burnett MA, MPH, E-Ryt 200/RYT 500, YACEP


Several years ago Rick grew weary of the stifling confines of academia, and after wandering in the (metaphorical) wilderness for some time, he found yoga and it was love at first sight (asana?). He credits consistent yoga and meditation with alleviating his chronic knee pain, curbing his fiery redhead temper, helping to squash a few old demons, and generally making him a more pleasant person to be around (as well as giving him a few new party tricks).  Along the way, he moved to beautiful island of Okinawa Japan and discovered that you can do yoga on a stand-up paddle board... and he fell in love again (yoga on the ocean? are you kidding?). Seriously, he’s pretty sure he was born for the island life thing. 

In his spare time when he’s not twisting himself into a pretzel (or teaching others to do the same), he’s at the tattoo shop having ink shoved into his skin, taking ridiculously long walks, and looking for any excuse to take his paddle board out on the water.

Rick teaches classes aimed at making yoga accessible for those new to the practice while still challenging experienced yogis. His style focuses heavily on breath in conjunction with controlled movement allowing students to be fully present in their practice. With his scruffy beard, heavily tattooed skin, and sarcastic sense of humor, he might not come off as a Lululemon model, but he is dedicated to providing his students with the best possible yoga experience.  

Having completed advanced teacher training, Rick is an E-RYT 200/RYT 500 level yoga instructor, a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider,  and holds additional certificates in SUP Yoga, SUP Guide, and Yin Yoga. Rick also holds a Bachelors degree in social anthropology from the University of Louisville, as well as a Masters degree in Anthropology and a Masters in Public Health, both from Michigan State University.

Someday he might grow up and become an adult, but just as in a yoga class, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

You might as well enjoy the life you have... - RB

You might as well enjoy the life you have... - RB


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