Private Classes: A more intimate yoga setting...

If you are looking for a more personal yoga experience,  individual private yoga instruction is tailored to fit the needs, goals, and desires of the student. Experienced or brand new to yoga, classes will help calm the mind and cultivating an awareness of the body, while also fostering strength and flexibility. Private sessions can include Vinyasa or Yin yoga, guided meditation, or a combination. Thai yoga bodywork can also be incorporated into a private session. Classes are held at the Institute for Integrative Medicine (205 Townepark Circle, Suite 100, Louisville KY 40243), or can be taught from the convenience of your own home, or an alternate location of your choosing.

Contact Rick to schedule your private session, or schedule a consultation.

Semi-Private/Small Group Classes: Like a private class, but with friends...

Gym yoga or large studio classes aren't for everyone and private/semi-private lessons are perfect for people who would like more one on one attention in a safe and non-intimidating environment. Limited to 6-8 individuals, regularly scheduled semi-private/small group yoga sessions are held at various locations around town. Great for beginners that want to explore yoga further, or those looking for an alternative to large "yogaerobics" style classes. Currently offering both Vinyasa and Yin semi-private classes.

Check out the Schedule for session times.

Types of classes offered

Vinyasa Flow

These vinyasa classes feature a more intimate atmosphere and allow students to explore their practice on a deeper level with more personalized instruction and adjustment. Each session will focus on a different theme (e.g. fundamentals, twists, hip-openers, or arm balances, etc.). 

75 minutes

Yin Yoga

In addition to more traditional vinyasa style semi-private classes, Rick also offers semi-private/small group yin yoga classes. A slow paced style of yoga rooted in Taoist principles and thought, yin yoga emphasizes holding poses for longer periods of time (often with the aid of props) to target the deep fascia and connective tissues of the body that are not normally exercised in a regular active style of yoga asana. 

Yin yoga is a great compliment and balance to the more dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga (or other physically strenuous activities like cross fit, running, etc.) that most people are used to. This quiet and passive practice is especially useful for opening up deeply bound areas in the hips and spine.  

75 minutes

Thai Yoga: A Healing and Relaxing Touch

Experience an amazing form of bodywork originating from Thailand with a 60 minute session that combines stretching and body movements to loosen muscles and release tension. 

Thai yoga bodywork is performed laying on a padded mat on the floor to provide the practitioner with better leverage to facilitate deep muscle stretching for the client. Using hands, knuckles, elbows and feet, the client's entire body is moved through a series of stretches and yoga like positions, while targeted pressure is applied to specific points designed to open up energy channels throughout the body.

Can be incorporated as a component of a standard private yoga class or experienced as a stand alone session. 

For Thai yoga bodywork, please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing to allow for full range of motion. 

Use the Scheduling page, or contact Rick to schedule your Thai yoga bodywork session.



Taking sun salutations to a whole new level

Fusing yoga with stand up paddle boarding, SUP yoga takes your practice away from dry land for a fun and challenging experience right on the water! There's never a better studio than the one that nature provides. Just bring a willingness to bend, breathe, and find some inner peace (plus your bathing suit).


SUP Yoga

You like yoga. You likening out on the water. Why not do yoga ON the water? Stand up paddle board yoga combines two wonderful activities, yoga and SUP, to create a new experience that challenges and excites practitioners of both. SUP yoga is a fun experience that you won't soon forget. Rick is a certified SUP guide and SUP yoga instructor and teaches SUP yoga at various waterways in the area. No prior yoga or paddleboard experience needed. You can use your own board, or rent one through Addicted 2 Asana.


 Contact me to set up SUP yoga classes through Addicted 2 Asana.